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Jan 28, 2010 at 06:53 AM

Data output more than once


Hello Experts

I'am facing a peculiar problem pertaining to Infoset query ( Tran SQ01,SQ02, SQ03) . The requirement is to create a query based on table GLPCA and CATSDB.

I've created the query as required, However when i execute the same the output is incorrect. What really happens is the Same line is repeated more than once sometimes three, four or even five times.

The Table GLPCA has two line items per document one debit and one credit, now at the most in the query i should get only these two lines and if i further filter it on the indicator there shoul be only one entry. However this is not the case even when i filter i on the posting indicator the query outputs the line item 5 times giving a wrong report.

Can somebody suggest as what could be wrong with the query