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Why does SAP Analytics Cloud modify the Data model fetched from Live Connection ?


I have a Calculation view which is constructed as follows -

The data in it looks as follows -

There are other columns which contain NULL values with few measures too. If you notice carefully the EVENT_IMPACT column and the FIRST_TIME_TA column, you'll notice that the value 1 exists for value NULL and NO corresponding values. That is, for NULL=1 , NO = 1 and YES =0.

Now, I am importing the same Calculation view as a model (live connection) in SAC. The imported model looks as follows -

As you can see, the type of measures and attributes are retained when the model is imported. The following table shows the data -

In the above table , you can see the values for NULL=2 , NO =0 and YES =0 which means all the values have been aggregated and inserted for row NULL whereas other values (NO/YES) have been made 0. If I change the EVENT_ID values and check with different values, the EVENT_IMPACT would be aggregated similarly.

Why is this happening ? Isn't the Model supposed to import the Calculation view as is ? Why is the data getting aggregated ?

Please help.


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1 Answer

  • Posted on Nov 28, 2018 at 08:54 PM


    as you said - you created a model in HANA and you created a live connection to the model in SAC.

    Then you created a story showing a table based on the data.

    Based on which elements you include into the table, the data will be aggregated - that is the standard behavior.

    Thats the same way as if you would go into HANA Studio, open the preview of the model and for example only show the Event ID as dimension and the Even Impact, then there will be aggregated values as well.


    Ingo Hilgefort, SAP

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    • Hi,

      I am aware of what you are describing. The aggregation takes place if I don't expand all the columns. But in my case, when I view the table in entirety i.e by selecting all columns, the data doesn't match the one in HANA STUDIO and SAC. To keep it simple, I have selected only EVENT_ID and TAX_PAYER columns in SAC story but I have tried to visualize the table by selecting all the columns as well. The data gets aggregated under (NULL) attribute always.

      Anyhow, that's a thing of the past. There was a system update for SAC yesterday. I re-imported the model and it seems to tally with the data in HANA STUDIO. This seems like system related error to me. I am wondering now whether I should delete this question or not. I'll let the moderator decide.

      Thanks anyway for your answer.