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Jan 28, 2010 at 04:21 AM

How to keep up with select statement?


Hi all,

How to input series of values into interal table ?? For each loop, the select statement will probably input hundreds or thousands of pernr, begda and endda nto the internal table. I need to keep track of which infotypes(database table) they belong to. Any idea??

LOOP AT t_pa_fields INTO w_pa_fields where active = 'X'.

*only select the pernr which is valid within the begda and endda of the selected payroll period

SELECT pernr begda endda INTO CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF TABLE t_fields_data FROM (w_pa_fields-pa)

From the codes above, I will have output like:

Infotypes | pernr| begda| endda|

100 abc abc

200 abc abc

300 abc abc