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Jan 27, 2010 at 04:16 PM

to retrieve the oldest date in the report


I have a requirement to retrive the oldest date in the report, I am currently working in BW 3.5

The scenario is as below

I have a char infoObject creation date which retrieves the date

I have a char infoobject status which retrieves open or close

For eg in my cube I have 5 records

3 records has the status open and 2 records has the status closed

When I adding the InfoObject "creation date" which has filtered for the open status , I am getting the result correctly with 3 records

Now my requirement is I need to have only one row which should get oldest "creation date" out of the 3 records as below

Rec1 10.10.2006

Rec2 25.11.2007

Rec3 20.08.2009

I need only one count in the creation date which should show me 10.10.2006