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Jan 27, 2010 at 12:07 PM

Credit check with one payer attached with multiple payers agnst one sold pa


Dear Experts,

We have the following Sales Structure in our Company.

Dealer and Direct Customers serviced through the Dealer.

Dealer pays a local Cheque/DD on be-half of the direct customers to the Company to take the goods.

This amount is booked as advance in the Dealer account who serves a few Direct Customers.

Sales Invoice is raised on the Direct customer. At this stage SAP should check the Credit limit of the Dealer and not at each of the direct customer level.

If overall credit limit of the dealer exists, then dispatch/billing can be made to any of the direct customer under this dealer.

After some days the Direct Customer pays the Company for the earlier Invoice raised. This payment has to be adjusted with the Invoice.

The Dealer earlier payment shall either be returned to him or adjusted against his Invoice (Goods are also supplied to the Dealer for his own sales)

We have tried to configure this as Payer and Sold-to-party in SAP. But we are unable to generate a Statement of Account u2013 Direct Customer wise, as the entire financial documents (Invoices) are booked against the Payer and not under the sold to party.

Can we manage this structure in SAP where individual statement of account get generated at each of the direct Customer level and also a consolidated Statement of Account at the Dealer level.

Our main requirement is Credit Check at the Dealer level while raising an Sales Order/Invoice, but accounting has to happen at the direct Customer level

Can any one give me some light, how to handle the above in SAP