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Jan 27, 2010 at 09:02 AM

RE: How to perform replenishment with shelf storage


I had set the maximum and replenishment qty for the article in material master.

In the shelf rack, I need to execute replenishment to bring in stock from the high rack.

What's the TCODE to execute this function?

I am in rel .7

I tried LP21, LP22 and LP24. All does not match my requirement.

Have I missed out any tcode?

Here is how it works.

Article # 100 has a replenishment qty of 100 pcs, a maximum qty of 100 and min. of 10 pcs.

I had stock in 350A01 and 350B01 and 350C01. All stock in each bin dropped below 10 pcs, eg 5 pcs.

When I run the replenishment, it should trigger a requirement and allow me to create a transfer order of 3 line item to bring stock from my hgh rack to each of the bin.