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Jan 27, 2010 at 08:23 AM

SSL / X.509 In SOAP Sender/Receiver Adapter


Hi Friends,

We have few third party Java based systems which need to integrate with SAP PI7.1

For this we are using

SOAP Sender from Third PartyTo PI

SOAP Receiver From Pi To Third Party Systems

The Customer Wants to implement SSL.X>509 certificates for encryption and decryption. as one of the option.

we are Facing few issues like.

I am assuming each of the source system webservice calls will have

to use a username/password to authenticate with the PI system

a. Will this use 'basic authentication', ie., credentials sent over as

part of the HTTP header field ?


Assuming we use SSL for transport level security - this is still not secure as the credentials are not encrypted

ii. Is there a way to send in encrypted credentials and for the PI layer to decrypt the same, validate and process the request ?

b. Should we consider using a single sign-on mechanism ?

c Should we consider using X.509 digital certificates ?

i. This would require that the X.509 certs are maintained in the Source & PI webserver Java key stores

d. Should we also consider digitally signing the payload ?

i. This requires using an appropriate hashing algorithm such as SHA-1 or MD5

SOAP Sender /receievr Adapter has few properties not specific to them.How to Acheive this.


Chandra Dasari