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Jan 27, 2010 at 07:11 AM

question on lock



I have an enhancement that have been implement at the end of a creation of an inbound deliveries.

My requirement is as follow

After the creation of the inbound deliveries after the commit of the delviery, I call a FM BAPI_BATCH_CREATE to create batch etc..

The issue i am having is that suppose i am creating 2 delivery

for the first delivery the FM fail BAPI_BATCH_CREATE and this is cause by an collision in enqueue EMMARCS. I saw that in ST05

For the second delivery this work fine

I wanted to correct the error by

by checking before the calling of the FM BAPI_BATCH_CREATE if enqueue EMMARCS fail i dequeue it. But i think there may be regressing since the program may be updating something in MARCS and i am throwing it out because of My dequeue?

Please advise