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Former Member
Jan 27, 2010 at 03:23 AM

CandidateSelection functionality in Data Services


When running a Match transform only using the CandidateSelection option, is there a way to get the candidates primary key from the database appended to the lookup results with the same primary key field from the lookup? I've only been able to get it appended to a completely different field. I need them in the same field for the next transform and really don't want to be forced to add a Query in between.

In my case, the primary key from the database is called PRS_KEY. In my column mappings, I've tried mapping the returned PRS_KEY to a CANDIDATE_SELECTION output field and back to the PRS_KEY as well. In other words I have two column mappings defined.

But for my one candidate returned, the CANDIDATE_SELECTION field contains the key I want but the PRS_KEY is null for the candidate. For my lookkup rows, they all contain Nulls in CANDIDATE_SELECTION and have their original key in PRS_KEY.

I really need all of the keys from all of the rows returned in thePRS_KEY or some other field.