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Jan 26, 2010 at 10:47 PM

Help, am I worng with the starting client of the Tranport Management System


Hi we have a 3 system Domain Transport (dev-testing-production)

Our systems are setup like this


name of system PED

clients 100 &110


name of system PET

clients 200 & 210


name of system PEP

client 300

Our domain controller for the transport system is PED (development system) with the backup being our PEP system

In short our systems transports are

PED ==>PET(200)==> PEP(300)

The request I have been asked for is to make sure that the start of the transport should be PED110 and not PED100. I don't believe I can do this. As PED is the staring system it is the Consolidation part of the transport so you can only set the transport layer and not the system/client.

From this is this statement correct.

Inside the Transport Management system you cannot set the starting client, this is the responsibility of the development to release the transport in the correct client.

I know I can lock down clients and set default client but this isn't related to the transport system.