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Nov 28, 2018 at 09:55 AM

How To Achieve Total Of All Columns of Dynamic Report


Hi Experts,

1. I have one Dynamic report develop for which Profit Center in Row Axis and time + Category in Column Axis.

2. There are total 17 Columns i.e. Jan to Dec and Q1 to Q4 and Total.

3. All the main report section we have one formula set for each cell using EPM Formatting sheet since this report is dynamic. This calculation formula we have wrote(hard coded) in formatting sheet using "Time.Calc Member Flag =N" and set "Content" for cell format.

4. Now I wants to take a Total of all these columns and to achieve this I did following but it didn't work out.

- Created Local Member After Row Axis and set formula =SUM(ALLEPMMEMBERS). But after executing report it is picking up prior cell formula only and not showing Total of all cells. In short Sum(Allepmmembers) is not working here.

- Try to Create "SUB TOTAL" using edit report option but SUB TOTAL Local member is not getting created.

- Can someone suggest me how to achieve this.

- I am also thinking to go for macro code for this total if it will not work out using EPM function. So can some one please provide me example vba code which will give me correct total after refresh.

5. Since its a dynamic report hence number of Rows not fixed. Hence looking for total for this dynamically. Please advice.