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Jan 26, 2010 at 12:43 PM

GuiXT script steps into on-error process even if V[_lasterror] stays init.



I write a GUIXT Input script which calls PO13 transaction several times, where data come from a file. When an error occurs in a screen, the process must be continued with the next record from the file.

If the script doesn't find any error, it works well. When it finds an error, it still works well, as it steps into the on-error process. But with the next data record - which is correct - it steps again in the on-error process, however the _lasterror variable stays initial this time.

// Create Relationships 
Screen MP100100.2000
  Set F[Relationship type/relationship] 	"A"
  Set F[P1001-RELAT] 	"011"
  Set F[Type of related object] 	"K"
  Set F[ID of related object] 	&[s_kostl]
  Enter OnError="Continue"
  Set V[error] "1" 
  enter "/npo13"
  goto restart

// Create Relationships 
Screen MP100100.2000
  Enter "/11"      	// Save

Does anyone have an idea, what the problem is?