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Jan 26, 2010 at 08:07 AM

How to check values inside a table?


Hi all, I have a list of pernr (personnel number) and a list of database tables (eg: pa0001, pa0002, pa0003....) I need to check the list of pernr against the pernr INSIDE all the tables.

*list of my tables

LOOP at t_infty INTO w_infty where begda = a_payperiod-begda

and endda = a_payperiod-endda.

*list of my pernr

READ TABLE a_pernr_tbl INTO w_a_pernr_tbl WITH KEY pernr = w_infty-pernr.

t_infty contains list of pa****-pernr but cannot loop it into w_infty.

Problem is the structure of w_infty is deep. I cant get the values of pernr from the tables to be checked.