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Nov 27, 2018 at 08:24 PM

Update custom table through custom program

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Hi all,

Requirement is to update custom table with weeks of the year.

Based on the rundate, program should update weeks of 6 months in past and 6 months in future.

The table has 3 fields, Number type, start date and end date.

Number type contains fixed value from 2Z01 to 2Z53. Start date should be beginning of the week (Monday) and end date should be end of the week ( Sunday).

For example - if I run my report today at 27.11.2018

First it should check if this date exist in the table against any number type.

If Table has entries and current date 26.11.2018 lies within specific week of table for any number type.

For eg - number type - 2Z48

Start date - 26.11.2018

End date - 02.12.2018

Table should be updated from here -

2Z20 14.05.2018 20.05.2018



2Z48 26.11.2018 02.12.2018

2Z49 03.12.2018 09.12.2018



2Z19 06.05.2019 12.05.2019

Please help me in knowing how to update this table through custom report.