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Jan 26, 2010 at 07:32 AM



What are the configurations done on XI, on R3, on XI's SLD, what is the protocol used for File, Content Conversion, and Serialization?

What kind of JDBC action was performed, DB accesed, driver installed?, Synch call and asynch call, what actions can be perfromed, datatypes for JDBC and so on ?

Configurations on XI, on R3, how was data sent to XI, what are the connections used, how was the IR and ID of XI configured, Synch call or asynch call, BPM or non BPM?

Anything related to BPM can be asked. What are the patterns, how do you implement a pattern, what are the step types,, etc?

Transport and Message Protocols for each of Sender/Receiver adapters. For File and JDBC adapters these protocols are different in the Sender/Receiver adapters?

What is IB?

What is IS, where does the IR, ID reside?

What does the cache hold?

Sender / Receiver Agreement-- Why doesnt IDOC and HTTP have a sender agreement?

What are End-to-End Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, and Cache Montioring etc?

What is a Business System, Technical System, Logical System, and other questions related to the System Landscape Directory (SLD)?