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Clarity on SF-EC to SAP HCM actions design


I wonder if the community can help give a steer here...

I have joined a project which has recently implemented SF-EC and there are some issues around the integration design between SF-EC and SAP HCM.

There are starter, change and leaver events in SF-EC with corresponding actions in SAP HCM. However not all the payroll data is being mastered in SF so additional actions were set up in SAP HCM so the payroll team could input that data with the tried and tested benefits that actions provide.

This has ended up leading to unpredictable results with replication (updates to IT0000 going awry). We've had an initial steer that separate SAP-HCM only actions should not be used, and customers should follow the approach of mastering all data in SF-EC and replicating across.

This business is then asking the question of whether it really is a stark choice between mastering all your payroll data in SF, or only having the use of PA30 to update additional data in SAP HCM. I can see why they would see this as a backwards step in terms of overall process efficiency.

What I'm wondering is if there is if have others been successful in an approach where the SAP-HCM action corresponds to SF-EC event, but there is still the option to run that action in SAP; skipping past the replicated infotypes and allow update to infotypes that replication doesn't touch?

Any pointers appreciated!


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1 Answer

  • Posted on Nov 28, 2018 at 04:48 PM

    We dont recommend to master data in two systems since EC would be your master system and HCM would remain slave

    If the employee is migrated to EC, i would recommend it to be mastered there and only additional infotypes which are not in scope for example country specific infotypes should be updated directly in HCM but kept to be minimum wherever possible.

    EC should be source of your actions and changes etc. This would avoid any inconsistency and dual maitenance

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