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Jan 25, 2010 at 04:46 PM

Template does not fit into window in Smart forms


Hi Friends,

I have a window height 3cm.

In that i have a template height 3cm.

The form gets activated fine but while printing it from me22n ,

i get an error saying "Template does not fit into window".

Now i change the height og template to 2.7 cm and i get the corrrect PO output.

I treid 2.8 cm and gives me the error again.

The maximum height its allowing for my 3cm window is a 2.7cm template.

I have done other forms before where i have given same height for window and template

and they have workd fine.

I can also see other forms here which are running fine with same window and template height.

Please help me if any one has faced this before.

The width is absolutely fine..only the hieght if i Cross 2.7cm i get the error.