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Jan 25, 2010 at 02:19 PM

Cascading parameter does not retrieve all data


I have cascading dynamic parameters A and B. Depending on A, B is to be retrieved.

When I run the sql in SQL+ for parameter B, there are aprox. 550 records to be displayed in B, but only 177 records are displayed. The box for turning to next page is missing too.

The select for the cascading parameters is very simple:

Select i.installation_name, p.person_name

from oa_person p,

oa_employment e,

ocs_installation i

where p.person_seq = e.person_seq


and i.inst_seq = e.inst_Seq

order by person_name

Installation_name = parameter A and Person_name is B (dependent of A).

I need help to find out why not all parameter records show in B, and why is the page box missing??