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Nov 27, 2018 at 05:54 AM

Can Provision be handled with Open management in S4 HANA


Hello everyone,

I would like to have some help regarding the handling of provisions accounts as open item managed. By definition provision account is by definition not a technical clearing account, but is this possible and good practise to have them open item managed? From definition OP is there to represent open business processes.

My client is currently using all provisions accounts are Open item managed, but is this

1- recommended in SAP and going forward in S4HANA

2- Is there a substantive or technical justification that militates against or suggest maintaining OP reserves?

3- Since OP administration makes it much easier to allocate the balance of the recovery account to the individual documents is there an another solution offered in S4 HANA or Is something familiar to you with S / 4HANA that solves this process of simple assignment differently than with the OR administration?