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HANA XS job access denied


We are currently doing some HANA developments on the HANA database content coming from Hybris.
Most things are already working, however we can't get the XSjobs to run.
When creating the XSjob it appears in the xs job tools.
When activating it, the scheduling is working, when looking in the log the following message is found:

The the roles and privileges have been checked but don't seem to be missing anything.
The user that is set in the job is a user that has all privileges on the schema and the package (top package) in which the job was created.
The job itself calls a function from an xsjs file.

The job looks as follows:

The job and the function are in following path:

The following privileges have been checked and exist on the user used for the job:

  • SELECT privilege on _SYS_BI and _SYS_BIC schemas
  • Analytic privilege _SYS_BI_CP_ALL
  • Following privileges on the top package where XS artifacts will be created:
  • And some roles to set up and configure the XS jobs

Now that we are running out of options on things to check and also running out of ideas about things to try, we would like to ask the community for advice on this matter.

The post that were found on this topic pointed to:

  • either wrong config in the job file, which seems fine since the job is found and the job file does give errors when trying another format for the action.
  • or missing authorization on the job user to execute the job, which also seems to be ok

Some guidance on the matter or ideas are more than welcome and we already want to thank you for looking at this post.



xsjob.png (5.3 kB)
privileges.png (115.6 kB)
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1 Answer

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    Nov 24, 2016 at 08:17 PM

    Hello Joery,

    you get a 404 (not found) error (although the message is saying "access denied" -> cause not found).

    The reason is that you placed the ".xsapp" file in the jobs package. Therefore the "productVisibility.xsjs" file cannot be accessed, cause it is stored in the functions package.

    Either you move the ".xsapp" file one level up (to the "hybrisvisibility" package - plus maybe alos the ".xsaccess" file) or you create an additional ".xsapp" file in the functions package if you really wanna separate it into two logical apps (what I assume you wanna not do here).


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    • Hi Florian,

      Thanks for the fast answer, even though i only found some time to check on it a few minutes ago.
      Took up on your input and placed the xsapp one package level higher since it is indeed one app.
      Activated the job again and it ran successfully now.

      I was unaware that the xsapp needed to be accessible since it is the first xs functionality I put into action.
      Thought it was just needed for the services, and now if i look back and had started from an actual xs project instead of building it up inside the packages it might have become clear.

      Thanks again.