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Nov 26, 2018 at 03:44 PM

SCP subaccounts with (multiple) IAS Tennant


Hi experts,

at the moment we have 3 subaccount (DEV, ACC, PRD) in our SCPms, we use the IAS as user provider for the SCP. The users in the IAS are provisioned from our backend (also DEV, ACC, PRD) via the identity provisioning service. We have 1 IAS tenant but 3 subaccounts. The best scenario would be also 3 IAS tenants, is this possible? The reason why i ask this is: When we provision the users form the ACC the already existing users, provided from the DEV, are overwritten when there are differences in the user data. For DEV and ACC isn't that a big problem, but when we provision the users form PRD and someone is testing the provisioning for DEV or ACC the users will be updated with wrong data. How to avoid this?

Thanks in advance