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Extension to Fiori App Employee Lookup not working

Nov 24, 2016 at 06:41 PM


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I've tried extending the Fiori App Employee Lookup, both through the remote Webide fiori testing and in own frontend system to no avail.

As per the remote webide, everything looks so simple when using the extensibility pane, all it requires is selecting the lblEmpNo (I want to hide the employee number from header) and then hide, producing the following component.js code (it includes an attempt to hide Name as well, no field is actually hidden):"hcm.employee.lookup.hcmemployeelookupExtension.Component"); 
// use the load function for getting the optimized preload file if present sap.ui.component.load({ name: "hcm.employee.lookup", 
// Use the below URL to run the extended application when SAP-delivered application is deployed on cloud url:"hcm.employee.lookup.hcmemployeelookupExtension") + "/parent" 
// we use a URL relative to our own component // extension application is deployed with customer namespace }); this.hcm.employee.lookup.Component.extend("hcm.employee.lookup.hcmemployeelookupExtension.Component", { 
      metadata: { 
         version: "1.0", 
         config: {}, 
         customizing: { "sap.ui.viewModifications": { 
             "hcm.employee.lookup.view.Hierarchy": { 
                    "lblEmpNo": { "visible": false }, 
                    "lblName": { "visible": false } 

Am I missing something? I tried extending the controllers themselves (Hierarchy and Search controller) but that causes other collateral issues, like the reporting employees not showing up.

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1 Answer

Raul Cubero Nov 15, 2017 at 04:09 PM

Hello Juan,

have you found the solution to this?

Kind regards,

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