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Jan 22, 2010 at 07:27 PM

How to copy Sales Order to A/R Invoice (or at least set the BaseRef)


Hi, currently if I need to 'convert' a Sales Order into A/R Invoice, I have to do it via the SAP application directly. What I'm trying to achieve is to automatically do it via an EXE application (I have one ready for other purpose -> connect to SAP via DI).

So far I know how to create a new A/R Invoice and close the Sales Order, but the problem is that I can't 'link' the Invoice to the original Sales Order (ie. the BaseRef field). Is there a way to do it?

Furthermore, is there any easier way? ie. simply call a 'copy' method or something else, instead of writing the same information (field by field) from Sales Order to Invoice?

Please advise.