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Jan 22, 2010 at 06:42 PM

Internal Error (-47) occured [Message 131-183]


Hello Everyone...

I am using the Administration > Data Import/Export > Data Import > Import from Excel function in SAP 2007 A SP 01 PL 05.

This update import is so simple: it has only BP Code and BP Name and I am doing only changes to the BP Name to what already exists on the SAP B1 System. So no new customers, no new numbers, and the only changes are some letters in the name that went from lower case to capitalization.

Saved the file to be loaded in TXT format and put ".txt" at end. Even made sure the BP Code was changed to "Text" in the Excel spreadsheet

Of course, cleared the "Import from Excel" window, selected the two fields in the drop down list ,and checked the box to "Update Existing Records"

However I get the above error (see Subject line) and have no idea what this means.

Can anyone give a helping hand???

Thanks in Advance - Zal