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Jan 22, 2010 at 11:06 AM

error at Withholding tax



I am calculating withholding tax on down payment. At the time of down payment the system has calculated WHT properly and i have also posted invoice, then also system has calculated WHT. I want to clear this down payment against invoice. As per my knowledge the system should reverse the entry of with holding tax at the time of down payment. I do cleared the down payment in f-54 and then i tried to clear the payment aganist invoice in f-44.

But the system is giving error as " With holding tax invormation ignored"

Msg no. 7Q332

Diagnosys: the activity selected uses posting keys that are bit oayment relevant. This means WHT was not processed even though documents with WHT information were selected. Start the transaction again with new activity so as to include the WHT information for the document selected.

System response: In customizing you can swithoff the msg under change msg control for document processing in application &Q.

Procedure: check to see whether you can use a different activity or another transaction (FB05)

Could any one tell me if i change the msg control, does this WHT will calculate properly? I checked all the settings and fields status for all the posting keys which were triggered in these transactions.. But no use..

Could any one help me in this issue.

Thanks in Advance