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Jan 22, 2010 at 10:09 AM

Same View in Team Calendar and in Search Employee (MSS)



Whe have 3 General Information pages of MSS in 3 different roles each. The first iView of the pages is Search Employee. Here we've customized some views to search for. One view for each Search Employee. This is ok.

When displaying Team Calendar iView, we need to show the same view such as in Search Employee.

When displaying Team Calendar, the same view is shown for the 3 roles. (For example, all views=1). And we need the same view as in Search Employee.

I tried to modify SPRO/Personnel Management/ESS/Service-Specific Settings/Working Time/Team Calendar/Select Employees the mode. Team view mode=Search View. But here it only allows to put the view for a certain rule that include the 3 roles. It's not good for us.

I mean:

Role 1

General Informacion/Search employee/view=1

We need: Team Calendar: view=1

Role 2

General Informacion/Search employee/view=2

Team Calendar: view=2

We need: Team Calendar: view=2

Role 3

General Informacion/Search employee/view=3

Team Calendar: view=3

We need: Team Calendar: view=3

Please, could you help us?

Thank you&Regards