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Former Member
Jan 22, 2010 at 09:41 AM

Error in ASKB "Asset 1-177 0 not in company code LX01'


Hi Experts,

Until Jan. 2009, only 1 depreciation area is activated for company code LX01 (01). For some assets, we had retirements/write-up postings. Came Feb. 2009, dep.area 10 was activated.

With 2009 year-end closing AJAB, the process found an error ' Transactions not periodically posted'. This error upon analysing was due to those assets posted with retirements/write-ups (Jan. 09) and mentioned that ASKB needs to be executed for these assets for deparea 10. It's logical that there are no postings on these new accounts for January and the system should not ask them. For example there also are no depreciation postings in area 10 for January and this does not generate any problem. Then, why in ERP, the ASKB for deparea 10 is needed for those related assets?

Also, I tried to process ASKB for deparea 10 to complete, but another error prompted: Message AA001 'Asset 1-177 0 not in company code LX01'. With this error message, I changed the 'Deactivation on' field in the masterdata and tried to rerun ASKB, but still this error exists. Would you know why or how this error could be eliminated?

Kindly help.

Thanks in advance.