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Nov 23, 2018 at 09:20 AM

MD01n creates new PR for partially delivered SO


System is creating duplicate PRs against the SO.

case is : MTO scenario with STO. where the SO is created in Plant A and STR is generated. with Special procurement key the material is expected from Plant B. The PR is however created in Plant B for external procurement. The challenge is as below:

1. SO is created in Plant A with qty 100
2. STR is created and it is converted to STO to get material from Plant B to Plant A for Qty 100
3. PR is created in Plant B to procure material from Vendor for Qty 100.
4. PR is converted to PO for Qty 100.
5. Confirmation is updated (AB Line) in PO and Inbound Delivery is created. And finally GR is done for Qty 95 (within tolerance) - difference = 5
6. MRP executed - creating a new PR for Qty 5

Expectation is : We are not expecting Multiple POs for one SO, this additional PR for Qty 5 should not be created by system. However it is not happening.
Note that this is not happening for the normal case i.e. Selling plant as well as procurement plant is same . (say Plant A).