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Jan 21, 2010 at 03:30 PM

Assert Condition Violated - for browse/upload in WDABAP app


I have a WDABAP that allows the user to browse for an Adobe Form and upload it. The user is able to browser and select the file to be uploaded. If they click too quickly on the Upload Button, they get an "ASSERT condition was violated" dump. Termination occurrs in the ABAP program "CL_WDR_VIEW_ELEMENT_ADAPTER===CP" - in "DISPATCH_EVENT". The main program was "SAPMHTTP ". This happends sporadically, sometimes the file uploads correctly and other times it dumps. I belive this is related to event handling but I am new to WDABAP so need some advice on what may be causing the problem. Is there some "clean-up" code that should be placed in the WDABAP somewhere (maybe something related to an event is remaining in the buffer)???