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Nov 24, 2016 at 04:03 PM

MRP & Batch Characteristics



Can I have some support on the below issue, I want to control the usage of produced product but controlling it via changing the batch

characteristics, for instance batch A should be available for use in the BOM of finished product B but not for the BOM of finished product C. Then the MRP should assign batch A to product B's BOM and propose to produce more A since the actual batches’ specifications do not allow to satisfy C needs.

That's why I was thinking in batch characteristics, I would put 'requirements' at finished product level and specifications at products from lower levels.

Then the MRP should compare those characteristics and act in consequence. An example would be the color specification.

Let's say A and B products use C, but A needs C to be red and B needs C to be blue. The color of C is known once produced. If we need 100 A and 100 B, the MRP will suggest to produce 2 batches of C. Then if both batches are red, the MRP should suggest produce more C to satisfy C needs (blue).

Looking forward to a reply!