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Jan 20, 2010 at 05:13 PM

Product-specific receiving calendar in a location


Hello experts,

We have a requirement for considering product-specific receiving calendars in a location in APO.

For a given location, a group of products can only be received some days of the week, for example on Monday AND Wednesday. The other products in the same location can be received any day of the week (Mon to Fri). There are several issuing locations connected to this receiving location, with the same transportation time: 2 days.

We can not model this with the receiving calendar, as is it not product-specific, but location specific. We have considered the following possibilities to fill the gap:

a. Modeling in the transportation lane (TL), using a product-specific transportation lane and a transport calendar. We created the transportation calendar with two "two-day windows": FridayMonday in order to allow for transportation arriving on Monday to receiving location, and TuesdayWednesday, in order to allow for transportation arriving on Wednesday to receiving location. We set a non-working time in the transportation calendar between both "windows" (a small time interval of, say, 10 minutes), in order to prevent transportation during Monday and Tuesday and receiving goods on Tuesday, that is not allowed.

However, this does not work, as transportation time breaks between "windows" despite there is non-working time between. As a result, we get products on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in the receiving location, which is not allowed.

b. Creating a macro in the planning book that "detects" purchase requisitions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, deletes them, and creates the same receipts on Mondays and Wednesdays. The problem here is that we can not deal with different issuing locations, as only the TL with highest priority is taken into account.

Can you think on any possibility of making these scenarios working? Alternatively, is ther any way in which our requirement can be met?

As an additional info, we use CTM as our planning tool, with Time stream in days, with PPDS Purchase Requisitions and we have daily forecast.

Any idea is welcomed!

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards.