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Nov 24, 2016 at 03:49 PM

Can PERSONAS 3 SP3 work correctly with Kernel release 7.22 Patchlevel 101 ? Import/export of flavors


Hello SAP experts,

Hope you are all well :)

We implemented SAP PERSONAS 3 SP3 with Kernel release 7.22 Patchlevel 101. However, I did read in note 2295995 (Version 39 from 24.11.2016, which explains:

  • Kernel Release 7.22 --> Minimum Patch Level 100 --> Recommended Patch Level 200

Then, note 2198998 (Version 96 from 16 nov. 2016, which says:

Patchlevel 101 is planned to be released on 18.03.2016 but its status is still 'in validation' instead of 'released' (in comparison, patchlevel 216 has been released the 11.11.16).

Issues faced: actually, when I create a flavor in source system, then export it locally as .zip file then import it in target system, the flavor appears but when double-clicking on it, it does not activate/display on the screen.

Also, I can create/update flavors in source system but in target system, I cannot create new flavor or update imported ones.

Question raised:

Is there a possibility that the issue comes from this Kernel 7.22 Patchlevel '101' installed (with status 'in validation') instead of a Patchlevel greater than '200' (with status 'released') ?

If not, would someone have a clue on other potential issues that could cause these issues ?

OSS Incident opened: 002075129400004255872016

Thanks in advance