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Nov 24, 2016 at 03:25 PM

WebDynpro HTML Island integrated with Paypal


Hello gurus,

I am implementing a small online store using solely Abap Web Dynpro and HTML Island. We manage to build our HTML using the JavaScript and everything works pretty well.

I am now at the stage that I want to integrate with Paypal in-context (PayPal Payflow) to process the payments. Which seems easy when you have a standard transactional website. Just a few cURL or PHP commands on the server side and it is done.

How can it be achieved from Web Dynpro since we only have JavaScript function calls that can be done on the client-side?

Please note, I was able to integrate a client-side solution that re-directs the webdynpro to the PayPal payment page. That is good but Paypal cannot returns to the web dynpro with the transaction confirmed and allow me to create a sales order with the transaction # as PO reference.

I need to send command via the SAP server thru the web dynpro before the ModifyView event from where the Javascript commands are executed to update HTML on the client-side (web browser). That way I can authentication with Paypal, request a secureToken and receive the Iframe response to embed in my HTML either directly or via WebDynpro.