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Former Member
Jan 20, 2010 at 10:55 AM

PF Calculation Stopped


Hi Experts,

We have applied many patches recently which were pending to apply since long.

After applying in QA client, I hired a new employee for the test.

But In the first payroll run I found that PF calculation has been totally stopped.

Following wage types couldn't calculated in payroll result (i.e. in pc payresult) which does calculate in Production client.

/3EA Actual ESI Basis
 /3F1 Ee PF contribution
 /3F4 Er Pension contribution
 /3F5 Ee Mon PF contribution
 /3F6 Ee Ann PF contribution
 /3F7 EDLI contri * 1,00,000
 /3F8 EDLI adm chrgs * 1,00,000
 /3F9 PF adm chrgs * 1,00,000
83F7 EDLI contri * 1,00,000
83F8 EDLI adm chrgs * 1,00,000
83F9 PF adm chrgs * 1,00,000

Against that following access wage types started to calculate

/3FF Mon perk (excess contrib)
 /3FI Ann perk (excess cont)
/3R2 Non-metro HRA Amount
/3R4 Non-metro HRA Basis Amt
/403 Marginal tax rate
/404 Mrgnl tax rate with srch.
/410 Ann Reg Income