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Nov 23, 2018 at 08:01 AM

Managing Stocks by Serial Numbers

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Hi, everybody

I am trying to adapt the idea of managing stocks by serial numbers to suit my company's business. But I am adapting it in a very strange way. So, I would like to know if the idea is feasible or not.

I could do tests on SAP myself to get my answers, but unfortunately I do not have a test database at the moment, and will have to wait some time for my SAP Partner to install it. So, if you could help me evaluate my idea meanwhile, I would be very happy.



My Problem

My company buys and sells goods on demand for export. In theory, our clients can order practically anything you can imagine, and we try our best to buy these goods for them on the local market. We do not stock any goods.

When we have obtained all the goods ordered (this could be a very long list), we deliver them to the client, and bill him.

Because of the special nature of my company's business, it would be impossible to code all the stock items that we deal with. I have obtained workable suggestions on the SAP forum in the past.

But I have a new idea: I am thinking of a codeless system, using serial numbers as substitute for Item Codes. I wish to know if this could work.

The idea of codeless stock system, using serial numbers to manage stock:

1. Create only one stock item code for each client (who may order hundreds of different stock items).

For simplicity, I use the same code for both the client and the stock item code:

e.g. AA125, which is the BP Code of the client and

AA125 which is the Stock Item Code which will house all items ordered by the client.


2. All the different items ordered by the client will be regarded as the different serial numbers of the same Stock Item (AA125).


3. So, suppose we receive goods (GRPO) for the client. All these goods have the same item code (AA125), but they have different "Serial Numbers" as follows:

AA125 - Eggs (here, "Eggs" acts as a serial number)

AA125 - Computer Monitor LCD Viewsonics 20" (here Computer Monitor...acts as another serial number. You get the idea?)

AA125 - Washing Powder Mr. Propre 3kg




4. We are using the SAP Document flow model, i.e all transactions are traced from start to finish (Sales Order, Purchase Order, GRPO, Purchase Invoice, Delivery, Sales Invoice), each document being copied to the succeeding one.

My Questions:

or rather sub-questions :)

(a) Would it be possible to insert the "serial numbers" (which are actually item descriptions) right at the beginning (i.e. at the Sales Order Stage), instead of at the GRPO stage as in my example above?

I am asking this question because when you purchase, say watches, you only know the Serial Numbers (1111, 1112, 1113, etc) at the time of the GRPO.

But for my idea to work, I need to have the "serial numbers" (actually: item descriptions) right at the beginning.


(b) Would it be possible for a client to order, say 10 units of Washing Powder Mr. Propre 3kg.?

I am asking this question because I think there can be only one unit with a given serial number (for. ex. only 1 watch Seiko with serial number 123456). My idea will only work if we can put any quantity, not just 1.


(c) Are there any problems with my idea?


Thanks for any help.

Leon Lai