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Jan 20, 2010 at 05:56 AM

Down payment doc not cleared in Payment Run F110


Dear Friends,

Document 1700000043 is a reversal of down payment which should be settle with final invoice 5400212994. Both documents have the same due date, but only 5400212994 was cleared with a payment run.

Please can anybody clarify why document 1700000043 was not cleared with a payment run.

I checked in Exception list and found error message as "No Payment possible because Items with a debit balance still exists; see job log"

User follow the below process:

1) Downpayment made as below on 08.10.2009

Vendor 29.000,00

LC El PaymClrng Ac 34.510,00-

Payables Tax Input 5.510,00

1) GR posgted on 26.11.2009

Engineering Service 41.700,00

GR/IR - Services 41.700,00-

3) IR posted on 26.11.2009 and Net due date 23.12.2009

Vendor 49.623,00-

GR/IR 41.700,00

Payables Tax Input 7.923,00

4) Downpayment Reversal on 26.11.2009

Vendor (PK 39) 29.000,00-

Venfor (PK 26) 34.510,00

Payables Tax Input 5.510,00-

Please check above process and let me know if any details are needed for further.