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Nov 22, 2018 at 01:41 PM

C4C-HCI-Cloud Connector-ERP integration certificate problem

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Dear Experts;

we're facing the problem while integrating the C4C-HCI-ERP.

According the scenario, the data must be sent from C4C to ERP via HCI with cloud connector.

the error detail is,

Inbound processing in endpoint at /COD/ERP/BP_MASTER_REPLICATION failed with message "Fault:Sequential processing failed for number 0. Exchange[ID-vsa5094313-53714-1542797305052-2-16]. Caused by: [org.apache.cxf.interceptor.Fault - Could not send Message.]", caused by "SunCertPathBuilderException:unable to find valid certification path to requested target"

I'm really stuck and help neded in here, I really don't know what I'm missing. The steps I followed are,

1) for C4C-HCI connection I added the c4c certificate(which I downloaded it from C4C communication aggrement outbound ) to HCI keystore and also in the artifact import the c4c certificate to COD sender configuration. (in the pic c4c-hci 1. pic)

2) Cloud Connector -ERP connection (2. pic)On the cloud to onpremise tab I added the mapping (in the pic cloudconnector) which is reachable.

3) HCI-ERP connection (3. pic)I added the HCI chain certificate to strust (in the pic HCI-ERP2)and also I added the ERP client certificate to HCI keystore.

Last step, I configured the artifact receiver like in the pic (HCI_ERP) proxy is internet and the auth is none and deployed it.

I just want to send the data only c4c to erp not other way around. So is there any thing to do? by the way ERP is s/4hana onpremise

Should I add the erp or Hci certificate to Cloud connector if it's yes how can I do that. Because when I try to add CA certificate to Cloud connector it gives me an error like "Generate a certificate request first" . So I really stuck in here. any help really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


cloudconnector.png (57.0 kB)
hci-erp.png (26.1 kB)
hci-erp2.png (65.2 kB)
c4c-hci.png (24.6 kB)