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Jan 19, 2010 at 11:46 AM

Run time data binding via FormCalc/JavaScript+wrong text formating


Hello Everybody

I need to print a text block with company details depending on company code (different details for different codes). I tried to use this code for event "calculate":

if ($record.LS_HEADER.BUKRS == "1000") then

$ = $record.COMP_DETAILS_1000

elseif ($record.LS_HEADER.BUKRS == "1000") then

$ = $record.COMP_DETAILS_2000


$record.COMP_DETAILS_1000, $record.COMP_DETAILS_2000 are elements from the form context which are linked to textmodules.

This code works and it prints correct textmodules for different company codes. But the printed text is not formated like text in the textmodules. The most important thing here is that these texts are always printed as a single long string and I need paragraphs like in the textmodules. It's a problem... If I use a statical binding (without FormCalc programming) the text modules will be printed with correct formating.

Using of checkbox "Allow Multiline Lines" hasn't helped here...

Have you any idea how should I do the run time data binding?

Thank you very much in advance!