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Nov 22, 2018 at 07:24 AM

#Multivalue in merged dimensons; Webi

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I have two queries :

Query1 and Query2

fields coming from query1= posting period, clearing period, budat_month, revenue

fields coming from query2= posting period, clearing period, budat_month, revenue

Requirement is i have to get the running sum of revenue from both the queries and sum up the two and display month wise in one report.

Clearing period of query1 has null values for all fields whereas Clearing period of query2 has the data.

Merged Dimesions: Posting period, Clearing Period and Budat month

prompt= user_yr: BUDAT_YR


V1: =if([Posting Period]<=[user_yr] and [Clearing Period]>[user_yr]; runningsum([Query2.revenue]);0)

the result for above formula is 0 because DEV has no data satisfying the above condition.


Budat Month RunSum_Revenue

01 #multivalue

02 #multivalue

03 #multivalue

04 #multivalue

05 #multivalue

When i checked box "Avoid duplication of values" then it showed multiple 0 values for each month.

Kindly suggest how to rectify it.