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Jan 19, 2010 at 10:25 AM

Regarding Storage Location MRP Area mapping.


Hi PP Gurus,

There are two plants 1000 and 2000. Now say there is a RM which is having Special Procurement key = 40 (Stock transfer)

from plant 1000 to plant 2000. Now in plant 2000 we have an MRP Area M1. The RM in 1000 plant is extended for plant 2000 and for it's MRP area M1. There is another Special procurement key = 70 (Stock transfer from plant to MRP area). Which is assigned to RM in M1. The RM is a part of Production BoM in plant 1000.

Whenever any dependent requirement comes for RM in 1000, system automatically creates ST PR between plant 1000 & 2000. We want system should create ST PR between 1000 and MRP Area M1 of 2000. And later M1 should create ST PR or Matl reservation between M1 and 2000. Is there any way to achieve it?


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