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Jan 19, 2010 at 01:08 AM

Formatting in BEx Aanlyzer



Does anyone know how can I retain the format I have done manually in BEx Analyzer?

This is what I have done in BEx Analyzer:

1) Open workbook, and result is displayed.

2) In workbook, I have selected cell C11 to C19 in the Result area and change the color and fonts via Home ->Style (in Excel 2007), and selected SAPBExCritical5 style.

3) I can see the selected cells have been changed with new fonts and color.

4) Then go to Workbook Setting ->Themes (this will change to Design Mode)

5) Click on New button and give a name myTheme1. Then click on Apply and Save button. Then click on Apply New Style option (this will apply my current formatting in Result are into this Theme???)

6) When I click on the Save icon in the BEx Toolbox, I exited the Design Mode and I can see that the color and fonts of cell C11 to C19 gone!!!

Can you please provide me on the exact steps on how to create and save the Themes so that I can format the fonts and color of the result please?

I need to solve this urgently, please help.