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Jan 15, 2010 at 03:14 PM

Using Condition on formula key figure


Hello Experts,

I have a question on using Conditions in the BW query. I wanted to use a condition on the formula key figure in the query.

I am calculating AGE as difference between input date and date of last movement for a material/batch combination. I want to hide the rows where age < 200 days. I used the condition for this purpose but the problem is the condition works only when I define the condition for the specific characteristics. As soon as I change the drilldown, the condition does not work and displays all the rows.

Can anyone please help me understand how conditions work with key figures that are calculated in the query and is there a way I can make it work indenpendent of the drilldowns in the report? Is it possible to get the desired results working mainly in the query design, not using ABAP or SAP exit, etc.?

Thanks a lot for your help!


Material Batch Age

M123 B12 230

M345 B45 50

I want to see only first row and hide the second one based on the condition. This works fine if I define the condition on Age with Material and Batch characteristics. But as soon as I add plant (for example) to this report, I see both the rows.