RPTCORTMAIL doesn't send a mail


I tried to use the Report RPTCORTMAIL but no matter what I choose no mail is send.

I chose a period and a person with errors but the protocol shows "0 mails send".

Even when I don't enter a person nothing happens.

While debugging I saw that the table PERNR_TAB_LANG is empty at the moment the receivers should be picked.

Am I doing something wrong? I'm thankful for every hint.

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  • Ok that's pretty helpful. Thanks!

    I checked the system user of the person which gets a error mail. But there is nothing selected in the communication method. Though the protocol lists the person and sends an email.rptcortmail-com-method-empty.png

    I debugged the report and saw that the 'INT' value is automatically set. So as far as I know (suppose) every person gets the INT value during the runtime.

    Thanks for your hints so far :)

  • Hi Dominic,

    When using workflow we also have to enable SAP office settings, otherwise the email is only visible in the SAP inbox (SBWP)

    To check this and to test if this has any effect go to transaction SO16 then last tab Mail sy.grp and choose radiobutton Send to home addresses of user.

    Kind regards, Rob Dielemans

  • Ok I'll try this :)

    In the meantime I got a question. Where does the Report RPTCORTMAIL gets his errors? Because it's lists up a person that has no errors at all in Transaction PT40.

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1 Answer

  • Nov 24, 2016 at 03:44 PM

    Could you perform some tests with SE37 on FM RH_GET_SMTP_ADDRESS as it depends on your Customizing (T77EO, T591C, etc.) sometimes, as Rob Dielemans wrote, IT 01105 may contain a sap user which links to an address (USR21, ADR6)

    e.g. a subtype of IT 0105 is home/personal address for RH related mail, when SAP user is office/professional address.


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