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Jan 13, 2010 at 12:27 PM

Changing Business Partner Identification Number


hi all

We have recently upgraded our Landscape from R/3 to ECC. Our new production system ID has been converted from R3P to PRD. Now the problem I am facing is that the Business Partners which were created from the R3 system have the external identification number preceding with 'R3P' whereas now since the production system ID is PRD, all users must have External Identification number preceding with 'PRD'. So a user who creates a message from PRD server, his Business Partner is not identified and thus not reflected in the reported Incident.

Now i have one option that is to create new business partners for all users from PRD system, but that results in duplicate BP numbers for all users. Is this the correct way ?

What i was looking for was a solution whereby we can add this new Identification number of the user with his previously created Business Partner. I know we can do it manually, but for more than 600 users it will be a hectic task. I wanted to know if there is an automated way of doing this?


Bilal Nazir