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Jan 13, 2010 at 04:34 AM

OPSX is not removing BUDG atatus of WBS



I am trying to remove the BUDG system status of all WBS within the project but system is not chaning it after running the transaction OPSX for the project. I tried for individual WBS also but system is not chaning it.

By mistake user create all WBS at level 1 and aloocated the budget for all WBS element and also book some value in 1 WBS by releasing it. After realising the mistake they revered it. So there 1 trasaction happened against 1 WBS alement so A/c assignment checkbox is in gray mode.

And actualy this WBS is a level 1 WBS element SYSTEM STATUS og this WBS is REL BUDG

for all other WBS no transaction is happened and SYSTEM STATUS is CRTD BUDG

I deactivated the AVAC through CJBW.

Removed all budget values in CJ30.

Now when running the OPSX getting the message in details list that

"No status changes were carried out."

" The following WBS elements are budgeted (status unchanged):"

How to resolve this issue. why system is not changin the system status BUDG

your earlist reply is expected.