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Jan 13, 2010 at 02:12 AM

Sales Order Change Log "Item has been created" after removing reason reject


Hi Gurus,

I have an unexpected change log in the sales order after I removed the reason for rejection using BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE. For example I have two line items and both have reason for rejection. Then I use the BAPI to remove the reason for rejection. After the process the change log is as follows:

Item 10 Reason for rejection of quotations and sales orders changed

Item 20 Item has been created

I do not expect this log for item 20. Im expecting it to be the same as that of item 10. I used the update flag ORDER_ITEM_INX-UPDATEFLAG = 'U' for both items.

And then because of this change log in item 20, I think its the cause why I can only see item 10 in MD04 (Requirements).

Is there anything that I missed from the CALL BAPI to make the two item logs to be the same. By the way, as an added info, if i use ORDER_ITEM_INX-UPDATEFLAG = 'I for both items, the log is correct and I can see both the items in MD04. Was this caused by the BAPI parameter UPDATEFLAG? I know if we need to change the sales order items we need to fill this parameter with value 'U' and the 'I' is only if we want to create a new line item.

Thanks and best regards,


Got a support from OSS and found out that there is a conflict with user exits used in the system