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Jan 12, 2010 at 05:37 PM

Reg pdf display


Hi All,

I have developed one portal for Distributor Connect, in which one View contains details about Invoice - to be generated. My requirements are --

a) I have to generate that Invoice -- which is in ALV format -- into PDF to allow to print or download.

b) Invoice in PDF format should contain more fields than actually are presently. For example, Bank details, Shipping Details, Customer Address, Company Address and Total as well as Tax calculated on Total should be there. Broadly, it should be as Tax Invoice and Depot Invoice both.

I tried to develop Smartforms using zfactory_invoice but, it contains many an input than my portal input. Which takes KUNNR as Login-ID and should present the Invoice on clicking Invoice No in ALV - which has been declared as hotspot. Hence, only input available is VBELN.

Then I tried to make PDF using Transaction SFP, but it requires form to be defined. I'm new to Adobe Forms and so, I'm unable to define blank PDF to get Output as per VBELN provided by the View-Node of the Portal and generate PDF with changed Layout.

How can this be achieved. Can anyone give me lead?


Kumar Saurav.

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