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Jan 12, 2010 at 10:29 AM

Upgrade in hangs in XPRAS_UPG phase


We are experimenting an hang situation during the upgrade from 46C sandbox system to ECC6 Sr3, latest patches.

The upgrade is in phase XPRAS_UPG, and in Sap we see the job RDDEXECL running from very long time (more than 1 days); in SM50 we see the several programmes (SAPLSTXG and others) working with sequential read, update or delete actions on the table STXL.

But neither the job log is updated or the logs into the put directory on the filesystem.

Before the upgrade we applied the note 558197 (that one for the script dba_ind_column,....), and we enlarged the shared_pool_size and shared_pool_reserved_size as described into the upgrade guide.

We run also the del_priv_ind script as suggested by Prepare.

We try also to stop and restart the upgrade, but nothing change; it continue to stay in hangs on the STXL table in phase XPRAS_UPG.

The latest row of the SAPR700ZG1.SID is :

"Post-import method 'AFTER_IMP_FORM' started for FORM 'L' ....."

Is the first time we see this situation during an upgrade.

Any suggestion ?