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How to Truncate / Update / Delete in a flowgraph calling a procedure ?

Hi All,

I am a newbie in SAP HANA world. We recently bought the product and got a vendor to get it up and running with SAC. Everything went well and the vendor went on their merry way. Now the responsibility of maintaining and new requests ends with the internal IT team and that is how I wondered into this website.

Anyways I have a use case where I am trying to create an ETL using HANA SDI via a Flowgraph object where I have a unique use case where I have to write an ETL where the CDC is in table level only (don't ask - cloud, vendor, out of my control) . So I am working on a flowgraph where the use case is 1. Read from Source. 2.If Target has data - Truncate target table 3. Load source to Target - Simple.

I make a procedure to truncate (this works fine stand alone) , I make my beautiful flowgraph and I pull my procedure into it and then its says this :"Stored procedure is not read only. Only procedures defined with 'READS SQL DATA' are supported in task plans." and my heart breaks.

All the experts out there please help me figure out if this is a security issue, violation of HANA SDI principle, or something I dont even know since I am new to this thing.



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