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Jan 11, 2010 at 05:30 PM

Parameter in SU01 to control background printing - SPOOL_PRCTL


Does anybody know what the parameter SPOOL_PRCTL does, or what values are valid for this parameter?

I was hoping this parameter can be include in SU01 to send output from a background job to the print spooler only. I need a parameter that would be effective even if the user changes their default printer.

Scenario: I have an end user with a default printer defined in SU01 called LaserJet_4. The "Spool Control" option in SU01 is set to "Output Immediately. I have used Printer Specifications to modify the "Time of Printing" option to be "Send to SAP Spooler Only". It is "Valid for all reports" if they are submitted as background jobs. Using these settings any backgound job the user creates is sent to the spooler, but if they request something to print from within a dialog session it is sent to the printer. This is the desired effect.

The problem I have is when the user changes their default printer in SU3. This resets the Printer Specifications and all background and dialog jobs print immediately. This is due to the "Output" Immediately" setting in SU01. I know I can de-select "Output Immediately" in SU01 and all jobs will be sent to the spooler. I was hoping that there is a parameter that I can include in the users' account that would send all backgound print jobs to the spooler?